25.1 Subject And Verb Agreement Answers

Composite Topics A singular subject follows or takes a singular verb. A plural subject after or takes a plural verb. Composite topics bound by a plural verb and taking a plural verb, unless they are considered a thing or modified by anyone or anyone. Exercise 2 Choose verbs to match difficult topics. Write the correct form of verb from parentheses to complete each sentence. THE subject of a sentence is either a NOUN or a pronoun. It is useful to imagine a PRONOUN as a word representing a thing (or a person) without year-end test 1 Please fill in the gaps with the mere presence or current forms of continuous verb in brackets. 1. Samantha usually (drink) a cup of coffee in Exercise 1 decision on the number of subjects. Suppose every point below is the subject of a sentence. Label each S if it needs a singular verb or a P, if it needs a plural verb. 12 25.2 Pronosun Agreement and Previous (four specific problems) Practice 2 Exercise 1 Correction of specific problems in the Pronoun agreement.

Write the word or words from parentheses that complete each sentence more clearly. The accused was shocked when the judge read the verdict. (she, the judge) 1. Going alone in a big city often becomes more responsible. (You, a young man) 2. Why did this film show in the middle of the night? (she, the station) 3. William was very angry with Jonathan, but no one knew what had said. (him, William) 4.

Take books from shelves and dust with a clean cloth. (she, the shelves) 5. In the camp, they expect to get up early and play sports. (You, everyone) 6. The catalogue says that all fees to be paid until May. (You, students) 7. He did everything on his plate, but he didn`t even thank him. (it, the meal) 8. I liked the game, but were rude. (she, the players) 9.

Debby gave the message to Rita just after the arrival. 10. The call frightened her because she was hanging. (she, the anonymous caller) Exercise 2 Continue to work with specific problems in the Pronoun agreement. Rewrites each sentence to correct the error in the pronoun agreement. For example, the road was dangerous because it had not yet plowed. The road was dangerous because it was not yet clear of snow. 1. When mother does her shopping for my sister, she is very satisfied. 2.

The brochure states that you must be eighteen years old to register. 3. A student must learn that homework is important to them. 4. The captain gave orders to the troops. All the men quickly took up their posts. An hour later, he made sure everything was okay. 5. After I forgot her lines in the show, my sister didn`t want to try again. 150 Exercise Workbook Prentice-Hall, Inc. Exercise 2 themes with their verbs.

Write the verb from parentheses that match the theme of each sentence.

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