Aws Standard Service Agreement

16.2. AWS allows data center operators or other service providers to connect your hardware to AWS hardware on the selected AWS Direct Connect site. AWS provides the information needed to enable the data center operator or other service providers to establish and monitor this connection, including your name, email address, network configuration, activity information and AWS account number. 19.1. The Amazon DynamoDB Reserved Capacity program allows you to acquire a reserved throughput (reading and writing) capacity, subject to prices and payment terms set on the Amazon DynamoDB retail page on the AWS website (“Amazon DynamoDB Reserved Capacity”). We can leave the Amazon DynamoDB Reserved Capacity program at any time. We may change Amazon DynamoDB Reserved Capacity prices at any time, but price changes do not apply to Amazon DynamoDB`s previously purchased capacity. Amazon DynamoDB Reserved Capacity is non-transferable and all amounts paid in combination with Amazon DynamoDB`s reserved capacity are non-refundable unless we terminate the contract (except for any reason) or the Amazon DynamoDB Reserved Capacity program, we will refund you a proportionate portion of the pre-paid capacity fee previously booked for Amazon DynamoDB. After the expiration or end of the term of a reserved Amazon DynamoDB capacity, your use of Amazon DynamoDB is subject to standard application prices.

51.3. You cannot use Amazon Lightsail in a way that avoids data charges from other services (e.g.B. Proxytage of network traffic to the public Internet or other destinations or excessive data processing by Load Balancing or Content Delivery Network (CDN) as described in the documentation), and if you do, we may block or suspend your data services or suspend your account. Service credits for S3 services (excluding those mentioned above) are 50.5. You will not directly or indirectly use AI services to develop or improve a similar or competing product or similar service. The above does not apply to Amazon Forecast and Amazon Personalize. d) Lumberyard Git Repository. We can provide some lumberyard materials on the Lumberyard Git Repository. You can reproduce and distribute to other AWS customers your modified version (s) of this Lumberyard material, subject to all the guidelines we set for the Lumberyard Git repository.

Your LM Fork must comply with the agreement (including these conditions); For example, It may not be possible for Lumberyard projects to use alternative web services or read or write data in or from alternate web services. You must indicate that the LM Fork is subject to these conditions (z.B. a copy of the license file.txt of Lumberyard`s root materials directory). If you call an LM Fork in the Lumberyard Git data repository, you need to make sure that every Lumberyard project you create meets these requirements.

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