Secure Couples Agreement Website

A fake website probably won`t have such a page. If this is the case, it does not have any real contact information or the possibility of actually exercising these directives. This is not the case on the real site PayPal which contains a fully updated and current copyright: Pingpipe Internet Corporation the hosting company in Canada is a scam, they tricked me into paying me a month in advance for the site I needed, but after payment, the server no longer works and they did not respond to me , they didn`t tell me anything about it, they didn`t tell me what to do, nor did they give me a solution. I waited 3 months to get a response from the directors of this company: Bob Dillon and Philippe Ballesio. I need help to unmask or solve this, thank you. As on the Contacts page, every website selling goods should have a return policy containing information on where and how you return purchased items. You can find an example on the AliExpress website, which has a page called “Buyer Protection.” You will find the return and refund policies: If you have a question about PingPipe products or services, please contact us directly from our website. Scammers can often be a bunch of lazy. In many spoof sites, fraudsters forget to include copyright at the end of the page or forget to update it in the current year. No website of a legitimate company will have an outdated copyright, and none will provide copyright on each page. In the previous example with the fake site PayPal, the bottom of the page contains a copyright that ends in 2016; However, websites that present themselves as something legitimate and official, but have poor grammar and spelling, should hoist your red flags for you.

If so, go back to the other steps we have described and do a little more investigation. One way or another, you can`t always put your trust in the legitimacy of these brands and seals. In many cases, these are simply images that you can`t click to see the verification of the information. It`s good to check if a site has it, but don`t put your trust in them as a real security method.

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